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The department currently offers two undergraduate degrees, the CE degree and the CNST degree.


1) The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (CE)

The CE program focuses on the activities of people and their interaction with the environment. Civil engineering continuously improves its methods and each new or upgraded component improves the standard of living for large populations. The cities we live in and most of their vital infrastructure and buildings are the creation of civil engineers.

Click here to learn about the requirements of the BS in CE degree. 


2) The Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (CNST)

The CNST program is focused on the processes of material and supply flows, scheduling, crew management, site compliance and safety, construction law, etc. Construction engineers work with architects and civil engineers to build projects and manage on-site construction activities. Construction engineers  deliver building and infrastructure projects.

Click here to learn about the requirements of the BS in CNST degree. 





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