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The Ka Loko dam failure on Kauai

The Ka Loko dam on Kauai failed catastrophically on the morning of March
14, claiming the lives of at least three people and causing extensive
property damage.  The office of the Attorney General has retained
Professor Brandes and a mainland expert to assist with its investigation
of what caused the breach.  In the aftermath of the disaster, which
followed a period of unusual rain, Brandes also assisted with emergency
technical assessment and management of the threat posed by Kauai”s
51 other dams.  An initial aerial reconnaissance was followed by
emergency inspections of all the dams on Kauai by teams of engineers
from various State and Federal agencies.  These inspections were
useful for identifying critical situations that were flagged for further
immediate consideration.  Professor Brandes will continue to provide
technical assistance on dam safety and dam engineering to State agencies
and concerned parties as needed.

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