Civil Engineering Sample Technical Reports  

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UHM/CEE/17-01 [8.4 MB PDF file]
The Workings of MAGLEV: A New Way to Travel
Scott Dona and Amarjit Singh

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 UHM/CEE/15-01 [20 MB PDF file]
Vulnerability of Hawaii Commercial Port and Harbor Facilities to Tsunamis and Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Action
Ian Robertson

UHM/CEE/15-02 [15.1MB PDF file]
Impact Response Based on Timoshenko Beam Theory
Eid Khowitar, H. Ronald Riggs, and Marcelo H. Kobayashi

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UHM/CEE/14-01 [8.4 MB PDF file]
Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Buildings When Subjected to Tsunami Loads
James Yokoyama and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/14-02 [2.1 MB PDF file]
Evaluating the Effects of Tsunami Loading on Prototypical Steel Structures
Victor Cheung and Ian N. Robertson

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UHM/CEE/13-01 [5.5 MB PDF file]
Installation Of Seismic Instrumentation On The Kealakaha Stream Bridge
Solomone Tauaika, Ian N. Robertson, and Gaur P. Johnson

UHM/CEE/13-02 [5 MB PDF file]
Acquisition of Data From Seismic Instrumentation of the Kealakaha Bridge
Mehdi Ghalambor, Ian N. Robertson, and Gaur P. Johnson

UHM/CEE/13-03 [11.6 MB PDF file]
Development of High-Performance Fiberreinforced Link Slabs for Jointless Bridge Decks
Bryan Lum and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE 13-04 [14.6 MB file]
Development of Flexible Link Slabs Using Ductile Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Larus Larusson, Joel Reyes, Bryan Lum, Gregor Fischer and Ian Robertson

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UHM/CEE/12-01 [6.1 MB PDF file]
Generalized Processing of FBG/FRP Strain Data for Structural Health Monitoring
Gabriel Stockdale, H. Ronald Riggs, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-02 [3.1 MB PDF file]
Small-Scale Experimental Study of the Effect of Nonstructural Mass on Debris Impact Forces
Keven Lau and H. Ronald Riggs

UHM/CEE/12-03 [1.1 MB PDF file]
Performance Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks Subject to Storm Surge and Wave Loads:
A Case Study
Thuydu N. Tran and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-04 [14.9 MB PDF file]
Performance of Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures in Hawaiian Concrete in a Marine Environment
Joshua Ropert and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-05 [22.4 MB PDF file]
Verification of Fuse Connector Performance For Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems
Steven Mitsuyuki and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-06 [7.3 MB PDF file]
Hybrid Masonry Connector Plate And Headed Stud Small-Scale Wall Testing
James Aoki and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-08 [9.2 MB PDF file]
Final Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Specimens After Ten Years of Marine Exposure
Riza M. R. Gatdula, and, Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-09 [3.4 MB PDF file]
Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete For Bridge Drilled Shaft Construction
Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/12-10 [4.5MB PDF file]
The Effects of Windborne Debris on Saferoom Wall Panels and Fenestration Systems
Stephen T. Peters and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE12-11 [4.1MB PDF file]
Video Analysis of the March 2011 Tsunami in Japan’s Coastal Cities
Nguyen Ngo and Ian N. Robertson

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Pipe Performance Analysis for Decision Making at a Water Utility
Stacy Adachi and V. Amarjit Singh

UHM/CEE/11-02 [2 MB PDF file]
Atmospheric Chloride Deposition Rate for Corrosion Prediction on Oahu
Kyle Suzuki and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-03 [6.4 MB PDF file]
Connector Development for Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems
Seth R. Goodnight, Gaur P. Johnson, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-04 [9.2 MB PDF file]
Hybrid Masonry Connector Development, Phase II
Reef Ozaki-Train, Gaur Johnson, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-05 [37.8 MB PDF file]
Bore Impact Upon Vertical Wall and Water-Driven, High-Mass, Low-Velocity Debris Impact
Krystian Paczkowski, H. Ronald Riggs, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-06 [14.1 MB PDF file]
Assessment of the Vulnerability of Oahu’s Coastal Bridges to Storm Waves and Tsunami Inundation
Daniel Lum, H. Ronald Riggs
and Ian Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-07 [2.7
MB PDF file]
Determining In-place Material Properties of Concrete in Drilled Shafts
Jennifer A. Abayon, Gaur P. Johnson, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-08 [8.2 MB PDF file]
Constitutive and Numerical Modeling of Soil and Soil-Pile Interaction For 3D Applications and Kealakaha Stream Bridge Case Study
Shentang Wang, Horst G. Brandes, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11-09 [9.3 MB PDF file]
Precast Link Slabs For Jointless Bridge Decks
Joel Reyes and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/11/10 [7.2 MB PDF file]
Evaluation Of Seismic Retrofits For Post And Pier Foundation Systems
Eric Tomishima and Ian N. Robertson

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UHM/CEE/10-01 [17.8
MB PDF file]
Reconnaissance Following the September 29, 2009 Tsunami in Samoa
Ian N. Robertson, Lyle Carden, H. Ronald Riggs, Solomon Yim, Yin Lu Young,
Krystian Paczkowski and Devin Witt

UHM/CEE/10-02 [1 MB PDF file]
Lateral Loading on Vertical Structural Elements Due to a Tsunami Bore
Jillian Santo and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/10-03 [8.9 MB PDF file]
Uplift Loading on Elevated Floor Slab Due to a Tsunami Bore
Ming Ge and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/10-04 [2.9 MB PDF file]
Quantifying Segregation in Self-consolidating Concrete through Image Analysis
Daniel Johnson, Gaur Johnson, and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/10-05 [1.7 MB PDF file]
Development of Deflection Monitoring System For the Kealakaha Stream Bridge
Nathan D. Powelson Ian N. Robertson and Gaur P. Johnson

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UHM/CEE/09-01 [8.7 MB PDFfile]
Evaluation of Prototypical Reinforced Concrete Building Performance When
Subjected to Tsunami Loading
Yuriy Mikhaylov and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/09-02 [ 13.14 MB PDFfile]
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Home-Ownership
Kamal Prasad Gautam
Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation Committee:
Amarjit Singh, Chairman
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UHM/CEE/08-01 [6.6 MB PDF file]
The Effects of Gradation on Self-Consolidating Concrete
Cody Aihara/Gaur Johnson/Ian Robertson

UHM/CEE/08-02 [1.7MB PDF file]
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Studs in Shear
Brendon Hayashi and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/08-03 [1.4MB PDF file]
Retrofit of Flat-Slab Column Conenctions Using CFRP Studs to Resist
Punching-Shear From Cyclic Loading
Dom Joavanni O. Cueva and Ian N. Robertson

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Static and Dynamic Properties of Various Sands Using a Simple Shear Apparatus
Jason Seidman and Horst Brandes

UHM/CEE/07-02 [7.2
MB PDF file]
Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Civil and Architectural Structures:
Lvdt-Taut-Wire Baselines, Crack Monitoring Devices, & Strain Based
Deflection Monitoring Algorithms.
Gaur P. Johnson and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/07-03 [9.6 MB PDF file]
Structural Properties of Coconut Wood
Aaron Erickson/Ian Robertson

Development of Breakaway Walls for Tsunami Loading
Robert D. Kleinman, Gaur P. Johnson and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/07-05 [3.5
MB PDF file]
Development of Self-consolidating Concrete for Drilled Shaft Applications in Hawai”˜i
Renee Ishisaka and Ian N. Robertson

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Permeability Theory for Polydispersed Collidal Cakes and Analysis of
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Models
Aileen Ng and Albert S. Kim

Development and Application of a GIS Model for Mapping Liquefaction Susceptibility
in Maui
Peter Nicholson, Amy Thomas, and Carolyn Wallace

UHM/CEE/06-03 [5.9
MB PDF file]
Debonding Failure of Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Bhavna Sharma and Ian N. Robertson

Fate an Transport of Selected Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Recycled
Water Through a Tropical Soil
Sanjay Mohanty and Chittaranjan Ray

UHM/CEE/06-05 [6.5 MB PDF
Island Mapping of Chloride Deposition Rate
Ronald R. Malalis and Ian N.

Application of the Perfectly Matched Layers for Seismic Soil- Structure
Interaction Analysis in the Time Domain
Seung Ha Lee and Si-Hwan Park

Reconnaissance Following the October 15th, 2006
Earthquakes on the Island of Hawai`i
Ian N. Robertson, Peter G. Nicholson, and Horst G. Brandes

Performance of Admixtures Intended to Resist Corrosion in Concrete Exposed to a Marine Environment
Huiping Cheng and Ian N. Robertson

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Application of the Perfectly Matched Layer for Seismic Earth Dam-Canyon
Arnaud Bossuyt and Si-Hwan Park

UHM/CEE/05-02 [1
MB PDF file]
Deflection Monitoring Systems in Static and Dynamic Conditions
Kainoa D. Aki and Ian N. Robertson

Flexural Testing of Cold Formed Steel Top Plate
Wa Lok Hoi and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/05-04 [15.2
MB PDF file]
Evaluation of Non-Destructive Techniques for
Corrosion Detection in Concrete Exposed to a Marine Environment
Donn Kakuda, Ian Robertson and Craig Newtson

UHM/CEE/05-05 [2.6
MB PDF file]
Laboratory Study of Concrete Produced with
Admixtures Intended to Inhibit Corrosion
Grant J. Okunaga, Craig Newtson and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/05-06 [3.2
MB PDF file]
Evaluation of Tsunami Loads and Their Effect on Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Kason H. Pacheco and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/05/08 [15.3
MB PDF file]
Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams
Huiyun Zhang and Ian N. Robertson

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UHM/CEE/04-01 [2.0
MB PDF file]
An Interfacing Strategy for Fluid-Structure Interaction with Application
to Linear Hydroelasticity
Linlin Huang and H.R. Riggs

UHM/CEE/04-02 [4.5
MB PDF file]
North Halawa Valley Viaduct Load Test
Ian N. Robertson and Ryan K. Yoshimura

UHM/CEE/04-03 [54.5
MB PDF file]
Hawaii Superpave Demonstration Project: Measurement of Asphalt Mix
Design Parameters Using Image Analysis
Horst G. Brandes and Jennifer G. Hirata

Evaluation of Hydrological Balance At An Experimental Landfill Capping
Site in Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Clifton J. Miyasaki and Chittaranjan

Engineering Properties of Concrete in a Sulfate Environment
Scott Kidani and Craig Newtson

UHM/CEE/04-06 [3.3
MB PDF file]
Test of Cracked Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Retrofitted for Shear using
CFRP L-Shaped Plates
Jiabao Chen and Ian Robertson

UHM/CEE/04-07 [4 MB PDF file]
Final Report: Use of Advanced Composites for Hawaii Bridges
H. Ronald Riggs/Si-Hwan Park/Ian N. Robertson/Gregor Fischer

UH/CEE/04-08 [7MB
PDF file]
Test of Prestressed Concrete T-Beams Retrofitted for Shear
and Flexure Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Alison Agapay and Ian

UHM/CEE/04-09 [127.1
MB PDF file]
Corrosion Susceptibility Of Concrete Exposed To A Marine Environment
John Uno, Ian N. Robertson and Craig M. Newtson

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Characterization of Asphaltic Concrete Using Imagepac 2002
Jennifer G. Hirata and Horst Brandes

UHM/CEE/03-02 [1.6
MB PDF file]
Seismic Monitoring of Dynamic Bridge Deformations Using Strain Measurements
Stephanie S. Y. Fung and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/03-03 [1.0
MB PDF file]
Computer Modeling of the Proposed Kealakaha Stream Bridge
Jennifer B.J. Chang and Ian N. Robertson

UHM/CEE/03-04 [1.7
MB PDF file]
Long-Term Performance Predictions of the North Halawa Valley Viaduct
Xianping Li and Ian Robertson

UHM/CEE/03-05 [4.5
MB PDF file]
Development of a Research Program for Corrosion of Galvanized Fasteners
Used in Cold-Formed Steel Framing
Edward P. Neville and Ian Robertson

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Creep Characterization of Residual Tropical Soils for Engineering Design
and Analysis
Horst Brandes, Kerwin Chang, and Devin Nakayama

UHM/CE/02-02 [1.3
MB PDF file]
Development of the MIN-N Family of Triangular Anisoparametric Mindlin
Plate Elements
Yan Jane Liu and H.R. Riggs

UHM/CE/02-03 [4.4
MB PDF file]
A Primer for FRP Strengthening of Structurally Deficient Bridges
Si-Hwan Park, Ian N. Robertson, and H. Ronald Riggs

Functional Models and Mathematical Methods for Decision-Making in Value
Yue Zhang and Amarjit Singh

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UHM/CE/01-01 [4.1MB PDF file]
Properties of Concrete Produced With Admixtures Intended to Inhibit Corrosion
Phong Pham and C. Newtson

UHM/CE/01-02 [4.1MB PDF file]
Cyclic Testing of Slab-Column Connections with Slab Shear Reinforcement
James Lee and Ian Robertson

Hysteretic Modeling of Flat Slab-Column Connections
Brain Enomoto and I. Robertson

UHM/CE/01-04 [4.4MB PDF file]
Seismic Repair and Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections
Using CFRP
Gaur P. Johnson and Ian N. Robertson

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UHM/CE/00-01 [5.5MB PDF file]
Field Evaluation of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures in Marine
M. Bola and C. Newtson

Characterization of Hawaii Superpave Asphalt Concrete Using Image Analysis
C. Nagata and H. Brandes

Drained Creep Characteristics in Normally Consolidated Tropical Hawaiian
D. Nakayama and H. Brandes

A Hydrologic Evaluation of a Surface Runoff Enhancement Cover Design
for the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii Landfill
Stacie Young and C. Ray

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Conceptual Design of a Mat-like Prestressed Concrete Floating Airport
Jeffrey Hanyu

A Comparative Study of Hydroformed Sections for Automotive Frames and
Evaluation of Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Jaya Das

UHM/CE/99-03 [4MB PDF file]
Seismic Retrofit of Steel Trestle Bridges
C. Nakamoto and I. Robertson

UHM/CE/99-04 [4.1MB PDF file]
Long-term Structural Modeling of the North Halawa Valley Viaduct
Chun Dong and Ian Robertson

UHM/CE/99-05 [4.8
MB PDF file]]
Investigation of Thermal Effects and Truck Loading on the North Halawa
Valley Viaduct
Weng C. Ao and Ian Robertson

Amorphous Clay and Its Influence on Plastic and Shear Behavior of a Colluvial
Soil in Hawaii
Yongshan Wan and Horst Brandes

Modeling the Slope Stability and Creep Behavior of the Alani-Paty Landslide
Area, Manoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
Horst Brandes

1 9 9 8

A 4-node Anisoparametric Mindlin Plate Element Based on the Tessler 3-node
Liu, Y.J. and Riggs, H.R.

UHM/CE/98-02 [4.4MB PDF file]
Creep and Shrinkage Tests and Modeling for the Kealakaha Stream
Zaleski, A. and Robertson, I.

Improvement of Engineering Properties of Tropical Soils Using Admixtures
Nicholson, P., Ding, M. and Kalani J.K.

UHM/CE/98-04 [4.4 MB PDF
Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete – Use and Comparison of Current and Proposed
Predictive Models in the H3 North Halawa Valley Viaduct Project
Durbin, M. and Robertson, I.

Incident Management in Honolulu
Kasamoto, K.D. and Prevedouros, P.D.

Prediction of Long-Term Bridge Behavior Based on Short-Term Lab Creep & Shrinkage
Todd, D. and Robertson, I.

1 9 9 7

Review of Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance Requirements
of Biofilters for Treatment of Contaminated Air
Gupta, A. and Babcock, R.

Evaluation of Subsystem Variables: An Organizational Development (OD)
Study of Engineering Management Organizations in Hawaii
Shoura, M. and Singh, A.

Characterization of Residual Organic Matter in Treated Wastewater
Guarin, R.D. and Babcock, R.

Rockfall Hazard Index Evaluation and Mitigation for Temporary Excavation
in Volcanic Rock at Construction Sites
Cho, C. and Singh, A.

A Comprehensive Analytical Strategy for Evaluating the Safety of Rock
Gowda, R., Singh, A. and Kwong, J.

Residential Roof Construction Fall Protection Analysis and Recommendations
Johnson, H. and Singh, A.

Evaluation of Integrated Microscopic Simulation Models: CORSIM, INTEGRATION
and WATSim
Wang, Y. and Prevedouros, P.D.

UHM/CE/97-08 [3.8MB PDF file]
The Analysis and Design of Earthquake-Resistant Building Structures
Gao, W. and Robertson, I.

1 9 9 6

UHM/CE/96-01 [4.2 MB PDF file]
Analytical Representation of Flat Plate Structures under Vertical and
Lateral Loads
Ambrose, C. and Robertson, I.N.

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse in Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico,
and Oklahoma
Supalla, B.J. and Babcock, R.W. Jr.

Development of Analytical Methods for Extraction, Concentration, and
Quantification of Ethylene-Dibromide, 1,2-Dibrom0-3-Chloropropane and
Uyema, A.K. and Babcock, R.W. Jr.

UHM/CE/96-04 [2.6MB PDF file]
Kealakaka Stream Bridge Replacement Project Seismic Instrumentation Plan
Stephens, T.W. and Robertson, I.N.

A Study of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Ash for Use as a Construction
Lee, M.T. and Nicholson, P.G.

A Review of Transportation Technology Transfer in Non-Urbanized Areas
and the United States Pacific Islands
Smith, A.W.

Noise Annoyance from Infrequent Helicopter Overflights: Analysis of Relations
between Residents’ Perceptions and Field Measurements
Bhamidipati, P. and Prevedouros, P.D.

1 9 9 5

Strength Variations and Compaction Problems of a Residual Tropical Soil
Nicholson, P.G and Kimura, S.A.

Honolulu International Airport: Statistical Analysis of Characteristics
and Flows
Prevedouros, P.D. and Papacostas, C.S.

Effects of Helicopter Noise on Rural Residents Away from Airports and
Prevedouros, P.D. and Papacostas, C.S.

A Simple and Effective Stress Recovery Approach for the Finite Element
Chu, H. and Riggs, H.R.

Liquefaction Potential and Cyclic Loading Response of Calcareous Soils
Ross, M.S. and Nicholson, P.G.

The Suitability of Bentonite Amended Lateritic Elastic Silts for Landfill
Liners and Covers
Hee, B.H. and Anderson, S.A.

Seismic Evaluation of H-1 Viaduct from Victoria to Keeaumoku, Honolulu,
Hong, Y. and Robertson, I.N.

UHM/CE/95-08 [5 MB PDF file]
North Halawa Valley Viaduct Instrumenation Installation Report
Lee, A. and Robertson, I.N.

Computer Integration in Structural Engineering: Data Transfer Between
Drafting and Analysis Software
Iwamoto, R. E. and Robertson, I.N.

Creep Effects and Deformation Characteristics of Selected Tropical Soils
Nicholson, P.G., Fujii, C.F. and Russell, P.W.