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Summer 2020

Congratulations to three of our graduate students who recently completed their MS degree under outgoing chair Panos Prevedouros. Tribikram Rajure studied the Perceptions of Hawaii Residents on Rural Road Travel. He will continue for the PhD degree under prof. Roger Chen. Abdulrahman Alghamdi examined the Feasibility of CAV Delivery Service in Rural Areas (CAV stands for connected autonomous vehicles.) He will continue for the PhD degree under prof. Guohui Zhang. Flavia Medeiros completed her MS a few weeks ago on the Analysis of Transportation Safety Equity in Hawaii. She found a position in the construction sector.

Flavia, Dr. Prevedouros, Tribikram and Abdulrahman

Students engineer COVID-19 forecast model featured on UH News. Congrats to our BSCE,  NHSEMP (Native Hawaiian Science and Mentorship Program) students Seth Colburn, Mia Fong, and Brenton Sasaoka,  and their advisor CEE professor Dr. Albert Kim!

Cumulative Confirmed Cases for Honolulu County

CEE alumnus Dr. David Mukai was named interim associate dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Wyoming. David obtained his BS in 1983 and MS in 1985 from our department. He also returned as a sabbatical visitor and lecturer in Fall 2016.

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