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October 2016

UH-Manoa ranks 328 out of 1,000 top global universities. Top 1/3!

UHM is the only university that represents Hawaii in this top-1,000 list.

CEE alumnus Leonard Kamp established a scholarship endowment that provides scholarships for students who pursue civil engineering at UH-Manoa. Mahalo!

Dr. Masato Niki, a Professor in the School of Marine Science and Technologies at Tokai University, Japan, is visiting the department to collaborate with Dr. Oceana Francis.

Prof. Niki has been working on coastal engineering and coastal physical oceanography. His research interests are an interdisciplinary research to link between coastal physics and marine ecosystem. Information on his research can be found at his Tokai University faculty profile.


Dr. Meiyan Xing, an associate professor from Tongji University in Shanghai, China, is visiting the department from Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2017 to collaborate with Dr. Tao Yan.

Prof. Xing’s research focuses on ecological principles of waste treatment (e.g. earthworm-assisted wastewater treatment) and new waste sludge disposal technologies. Information on her research can be found at her Tonji University faculty profile.



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