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January 2017

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting was held in Washington DC on January 8 -12, 2017. Four CEE professors participated as follows.

Ricardo Archilla

  • Attended as a member the meeting of “Surface Requirements of Asphalt Mixtures” Committee.
  • Presented, Resilient Modulus for Design in Mechanistic-Empirical Analysis: What Value Should Be Used?
  • Presided in session 573 – Tack Coat Bond Strength and Open-Graded Asphalt Mixes

Panos Prevedouros and past PhD student Liang Shi

  • Presided, Freeway Simulation Subcommittee
  • Presented, Lambros Mitropoulos, Panos Prevedouros and Xin (Alyx) Yu, Fuzzy and Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Assess Transportation Vehicles
  • Liang Shi and Panos Prevedouros, Operational Analysis of Roundabouts with a Mix of Driverless Vehicles

Phillip Ooi

  • Attended as a member the meeting of “ Engineering Behavior of Unsaturated Geomaterials” committee
  • Presented, Reza Rahimnejad and Phillip Ooi, Model for Erodibility of Cohesive Soils

Guohui Zhang and PhD student Qiong Wu, postdoctoral researcher Dr. Cong Chen

  • Presided, “Sensing Technology Innovations in Multimodal Transportation” committee
  • Natalia Sanabria, Vanessa Valentin, Susan Bogus, Guohui Zhang, Elmira Kalhor, Comparing Neural Networks and Ordered Probit Models for Forecasting Pavement Condition in New Mexico
  • Shuguan Yang, Zhen Qian, Guohui Zhang, Turning Meter Transactions Data into Occupancy and Payment Behavioral Information for On-street Parking
  • Yiming Gu, Zhen Qian, Guohui Zhang, Traffic State Estimation for Urban Road Networks Using A Link Queue Model
  • See January News post for more presentations of Dr. Zhang

CEE Professor Ian Robertson has been selected as one of Engineering News-Record’s top 25 newsmakers of 2016 for his “crucial contributions to the campaign that resulted in the 2016 adoption of the world’s first standards for tsunami-resistant design“. Congratulations to Dr. Robertson!

CEE postdoctoral researcher Dr. Cong Chen, Ph.D. student Qiong (Linda) Wu and Ph.D. student Zhenning Li  along with their advisor Dr. Guohui Zhang attended the 96th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting on Jan 8-12, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The team had four posters presented during this conference, including “Analyzing Driver Injury Severity Outcomes in Rollover Crashes Based on a Support Vector Machine Model”, “Identifying Significant Factors for Driver Injury Severities in Rural Non-interstate Crashes: Hierarchical Ordered-Logit Analysis”, “Urban Expressway Traffic Status Assessment Based on Floating Car Data Analysis”, and “Influence of Temperature on Bus Driver’s Mood State, Reaction Ability, and At-fault Accident Risk”.

Dr. Clay Naito, an expert in structures and Associate Professor at Lehigh University, is the Alfred Yee Scholar for Spring 2017. He’s offering the graduate course CEE696 Selected Topics in Civil Engr and several seminars. Information on Dr. Naito’s research can be found at his Lehigh University faculty profile.

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) professor Oceana Francis receives $409,402 in oceanographic and meteorological equipment from the National Data Buoy Center. The equipment will be tested and used to collect wave, current, and wind observations. “I would especially like to thank Richard Bouchard and Robert Gavigne for their tremendous help and giving me the opportunity” says Dr. Oceana Francis.

CEE professor Oceana Francis with some of the equipment. National Data Buoy Center, December 20, 2016, Photo by Robert Gavigne.

Mahalo to SSFM International for funding four full undergraduate scholarships in CEE for four years.

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