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February 2018

CEE Grad Students on UH News!
A group of CEE Environmental Engineering graduate students Michelle Chu (MS), Kristin Dembia (PhD), Sabrina Diemert (PhD),  Shelby Fillinger (MS), Bing Hu (PhD), Lelemia Irvine (PhD), Bo Li (PhD), Sheldon Milan (MS), Prakit Saingam (PhD), and Elahe Tajfar (PhD) have recently attended Pacific Water Conference held February 6–8, in Honolulu. PhD candidate Lelemia Irvine and MS student Sheldon Milan took the first and third place of Hawaiʻi Water Environment Association poster award, respectively; MS student Shelby Fillinger received the second place of American Water Works Association poster award. Congratulations!

From Left to Right: 2 Lelemia Irvine,; 3 Sheldon Milan; 4 Sarah Lin

HWEA poster award (from left): Jayson Tasaka (HWEA Student Activities Chair, RMTC, PE), Lelemia Irvine (CEE PhD Candidate, 1st place), Sheldon Milan (CEE MS, 3rd place), Sara Lin (BE BS, 2nd place), and Audrey Haerle (HWEA President, The Limtiaco Consulting Group, GIS Analyst/Staff and Environmental Planner)

From Left to Right: 3 Shelby Fillinger

AWWA poster award (from left): Jessica A. Agsalda (AWWA Hawaii Poster Session Chair, The Limtiaco Consulting Group, PE), Kacie Niimoto (BE BS, 1st place), Shelby Fillinger (CEE MS, 2nd place), and Sarah Lin (BE BS, 3rd place)


CEE PhD graduate (2011) Dr. Lambros Mitropoulos and professor Panos Prevedouros co-authored the fifth chapter of the newest book on lithium batteries Behaviour of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles published by Springer.  Their chapter is titled  Conventional, Battery-Powered, and Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Sustainability Assessment

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