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CEE PhD Student Harrison Togia Selected for 2021 ARCS Award

The ARCS Engineering Awards Committee has selected CEE PhD student Harrison Togia to be their 2021 Bretzlaff ARCS Awardee! This is an extremely prestigious award with a $5000 scholarship (reccommended by Dr. Kim). Harrison has been conducting his PhD research under guidance of Dr. Oceana Francis on the Statewide Shoreline Study and Maui County Roads projects. Harrison is highly knowledgeable in programming languages, math, geology/geophysics and has been doing coastal modeling, field work, and ocean hazard mapping. Harrison has published one paper as lead author, co-author on another, and is currently writing his second paper as lead author. Harrison has served as the Teaching Assistant for CEE 320 Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals a couple of times and is regarded as an outstanding TA.
“Harrison is a an outstanding student in both research and teaching, professional, confident, and is a pleasure to work with, he certainly deserves the honor of the award.” commented by Dr. Francis.
Congratulations to Harrison for all his hardwork, contribution and achievements!

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