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Fast-Track 4+1 (BS+MS) Degree in Civil Engineering Program

The 4+1 (BS+MS) Degree in Civil Engineering program provides a fast track for students to receive BSCE plus MSCE degree in five years by allowing the double-counting of six (6) credits in both programs. See the program flyer and click here to contact the program coordinator for more information.

CE Juniors who have achieved a grade of B or better in the gateway class (CEE 361 Fundamentals of Transportation); and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to apply to the program.

Double counted courses must be taken in the senior year after admission into the program. Six (6) credits are double-counted in the two programs: three (3) credits for CEE490 Senior Design Project, and three (3) credits for one 600x course that depends on the student’s area of emphasis, as follows: Construction (CEE602 or 604); Environmental (CEE633 or 635); Geotechnical (CEE655); Structures (CEE681); Transportation (CEE661 or 665).

Students must apply to the Fast-Track 4+1 BS+MS program after their fifth semester (Junior year), click here for the Fast-Track application form. Upon approval from the CE program Coordinator, students will then submit the regular on-line MS application documents to Graduate Division, see Admission Instructions. Early admission to the MS program occurs in the senior year when the two (2) double counted courses are taken. Fast-Track students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher during MS studies.  

Admitted Fast-Track students should consult the designated program Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for academic advices in their senior year when take double counted courses in their selected fields while completing their undergraduate curriculum requirements to receive the Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Students in the Fast-Track 4+1 (BS+MS) program can choose either Plan A (Thesis) or Plan B (Non-Thesis) option to fulfill the MSCE program requirements to receive the MSCE degree in the 5th year. Students will work with their self-chosen graduate advisor to determine their personalized program of courses and their thesis option. The following Five-Year Academic Plan provides the pathway to the Fast-Track 4+1 (BS+MS) program students to fulfill B.S. plus M.S. program requirements to receive Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Please click here for MSCE program student learning objectives (SLOs) , requirements and information.

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