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Clark C.K. Liu

Clark C.K. Liu

Emeritus Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering
Office: Post 203
Phone: (808) 772-8271 (Cell)

Areas of Specialty and Research Interest

Hydrology/hydraulics, Water resources engineering, Environmental fluid mechanics, Desalination and water purification, Deep ocean water utilization and open ocean mariculture


  • Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University 1976
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi 1969
  • B.S., Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University1966

Professional Registration

  • Registered Professional Engineer (PE), New York State, License No. 49255


  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012-present
  • Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/ Professor and Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1980-2011.
  • Visiting Professor, National Taiwan University, 1987, 2002.
  • Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 1984-85.
  • Assistant Engineer/Senior Engineer/Senior Research Scientist, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 1970-80.

Professional Activities

  • Member, US Environmental Protection Agency National Workgroup on the Verification of Water Quality Models (1979).
  • Member, North China Water Project (1987-88). (Jointly sponsored by the East West Center, USA and the State Science and Technology Commission, China).
  • Co-Chair (with Prof. M. Takahashi of Tokyo University), US-Japan Cooperative Workshop in Ocean Engineering Research (1990).
  • Member, Graduate Council, University of Hawaii at Manoa, (1991-94).
  • Member, State of Hawaii Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities, State of Hawaii (1992-95).
  • Technical Advisor, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, ROC (1994-95).
  • Co-Chair (with Prof. N. Liang of National Taiwan University), US-ROC(Taiwan) Joint Workshop on Deep Ocean Water and Ocean Resources Development (1995).
  • Member, Council on Program Reviews (CORP), University of Hawaii (2000-03).
  • Program Director for Environmental Engineering, US National Science Foundation (NSF) ( 2008-09).
  • Keynote Speaker, 17th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, Kunming, China (December 2015).
  • Member, Program Assessment Committee of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University (2015-16).
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Environmental Sciences (2015-17).

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers (1999)
  • Engineer of Distinction Award, University of Mississippi  (2009)

Research Grant

  1. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Determination of the Relationship between Biodiversity and Trophic Status of Wahiawā Reservoir ‘, funded by US Geological Survey (USGS), 2010-11.
  2. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Survey and Modeling Analysis of MS4 Highway Storm Runoff on Oahu, Hawaii’ funded by Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT), 2008-10.
  3. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Modeling and Drainage Design for the Kaloi Gulch Watershed in Southern Oahu’ funded by R.M. Towill Corporation, 2007- 08.
  4. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Hydrologic Analysis of Hawaii Watersheds for Flood Control and Environmental Conservation’, funded by US Geological Survey (USGS), 2006 – 08.
  5. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Analytical Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling for the Estimation of Sustainable Yield of Pearl Harbor Aquifer’, funded by Hawaii Commission on Water Resources, 2004 – 05.
  6. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Wind-powered Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination for Pacific Islands and Remote Coastal Communities’, funded by US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), 2004 – 05.
  7. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘US-Korea cooperative Research on Wind-Powered Water Desalination’, funded by US National Science Foundation, 2003-05.
  8. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Artificial Upwelling and Mixing, Phase II’, funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), 1996 – 01.
  9. Takahashi, K.T. (P.I.) and Liu, C.C.K. (Co-P.I.) ‘U.S. – Taiwan Joint Seminar: Deep Ocean Water and Ocean Resources Development’, funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), 1994 – 97.
  10. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) ‘Development and Testing of a Wave-Driven Artificial Upwelling Device’, funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), 1992 – 95.
  11. Liu, C.C.K. (P.I.) and Loague, K. (Co-P.I.) ‘Compatibility of Physically Based and Linear System Solute Transport Modeling Approaches and Their Conjunctive Application’, funded by US Geological Survey (USGS), 1987 – 90.
  12. Green, R.E. (P.I.) and Liu, C.C.K. (Co-P.I.) ‘Pesticide Mobility Assessment Methodology for Agricultural Soils Contributing Recharge to Groundwater in Hawaii’, funded by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 1984 – 87.

Selected Publications

Prof. Liu is the author or coauthor of more than 100 scientific publications. The following is a partial list of refereed journal articles.

  1. Liu, C.C.K. (2018). Ocean thermal energy conversion and open ocean mariculture: The prospect of Mainland-Taiwan collaborative research and development, Sustainable Environmental Research, preprint:
  2. Lee, T.C. and Liu, C.C.K. (2018). Assessing eutrophocation potential of a freshwater lake by relating its bioproductivity and biodiversityL A case study of Lake Wilson on Central Oahu, Hawaii, Water 2018, 10, 296. www.
  3. San, L., Long, T. and Liu, C.C.K. (2017). Algal bioproductivity in turbulent water: An experimental study, Water 2017, 9, 304. www.
  4. Fan, W., Pan, Y., Liu, C.C.K., Wiltshire, J.C., Chen, C.A., and Chen, Y. (2015). Hydrodynamic design of deep ocean water discharge for the creation of a nutrient-rich plume in the South China Sea, Ocean Engineering, Vol. 108, pp. 356-368.
  5. Liu, C.C.K. (2013). Renewable-Energy-Driven reverse osmosis system for water desalination and aquaculture production, Integrative Agriculture, 12, No.8, pp. 1357-1362.
  6. Liu, C.C.K. and Dai, J. (2012). Seawater intrusion and sustainable yield of basal aquifers, Journal of the American Association of Water Resources (AWRA), Vol.48, No.5, pp.861-870.
  7. Liu, C.C.K., Xia, W. and Park, J.W., (2006). A Wind-driven Reverse Osmosis System for Wastewater Reuse and Nutrient Recovery, Desalination, Vol. 202, pp.24-30.
  8. Qin, G., Liu, C.C.K., Richman, N.H. and Moncur, J.E.T. (2005). Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment and Reuse by Wind-driven Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology: A Pilot Study on Coconut Island, Hawaii, Aquaculture Engineering, 32, pp.365-378.
  9. Liu, C.C.K., Sou, I.M., and Lin, H. (2003). Artificial upwelling and near-field mixing of a nutrient-rich deep-ocean water plume, Marine Environmental Engineering,7, No.1, pp.1-14.
  10. Liu, C.C.K., Park, J.W., Migita, R. and Qing, G. (2002). Prototype Experiments of a Wind-Driven Reverse Osmosis Desalination System, Desalination, Vol. 150, No. 3, pp. 277-287.
  11. Liu, C.C.K., Loague, K.M. and Feng, J.S. (1991). Fluid flow and solute transport in unsaturated heterogeneous soils: Numerical experiments, Contaminant Hydrology, Vol. 7, pp. 261-283.
  12. Liu, C.C.K., Lau, L.S. and Mink, J.F. (1983). Groundwater model for a thick freshwater lens, Ground Water, Vol. 2, N. 3, pp. 293-300.
  13. Liu, C.C.K. (1982). Filtering of dissolved oxygen data in stream water quality analysis, Water Resources Bulletin, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 15-20.
  14. Liu, C.C.K. and Brutsaert, W.H. (1978).A non-linear analysis of the relationship between rainfall and runoff for extreme floods, Water Resources Research, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 75-83.
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