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Zhiyue Wang

Assistant Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering
Office: Holmes Hall 346
Phone: (808) 956-7298
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Areas of Specialty and Research Interest

  • Novel environmental biotechnology
  • Biological wastewater treatment
  • Nutrient removal and energy recovery


  • Ph.D., Environmental Engineering and Science, Stanford University, 2020
  • M.S., Environmental Engineering and Science, Stanford University, 2015
  • B.S., Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University, 2013


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Sep 2022 – Present
  • Postdoctoral Associate, BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota, Nov 2019 – Aug 2022

Courses Taught at UH (in the last five years)

  • CEE 330: Environmental Engineering (S’23, S’24)

Professional Activities

  • Member, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professor (AEESP)


  • Rapid Career Development Award, University of Minnesota, 2020
  • Students for Urban Water Infrastructure Reinvention Award, Stanford University, 2019
  • Chevron Research Fellowship, Chevron Corporation, 2019


  • Wang, Z.*, Perez-Calleja, P., Nerenberg, R., Novak, P., Ishii, S., Unraveling encapsulated growth of Nitrosomonas europaea in alginate: an experimental and modeling study. Water Research 2021, 208, 117857.
  • Wang, Z.*, Ishii, S., Novak, P., Encapsulating microorganisms to enhance nitrogen removal in wastewater: Recent advancements and future opportunities. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2021, 7, 1402.
  • Wang, Z., Yao, Y., Steiner, N., Cheng, H., Wu, Y., Woo, S., & Criddle, C. S*. Impacts of nitrogen containing coagulants on the nitritation/denitrification of anaerobic digester centrate. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2020, 6, 3451.
  • Wang, Z., Woo, S.-G., Yao, Y., Cheng, H., Wu, Y.-J., Criddle, C.S.*, Nitrogen removal as nitrous oxide for energy recovery: Increased process stability and high nitrous yields at short hydraulic residence times. Water Research 2020, 173, 115575.
  • Wang, Z., Pane, V.E., Criddle, C.S.*, Metabolic model of nitrite reduction to nitrous oxide coupled to alternating consumption and storage of glycogen and poly-hydroxyalkanoate. Bioresource Technology Reports 2020, 9, 100370.
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