Dr. Paige Novak is the Dr. Alfred Yee Visiting Professor in our department in spring 2019 semester. Dr. Novak is Joseph T. and Rose S. Ling Chair in Environmental Engineering Professor at the Civil, Environmental and Geo Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Novak specializes in the biodegradation of contaminants and how to engineer systems to more effectively transform them . Dr. Novak’s research can be found at her Univ. of Minnesota faculty profile. Dr. Novak is offering CEE 696 Environmental Biotechnology in spring 2019.


Eftychia G. Nathanail is TTlog’s Director and Associate Professor in Transportation Systems Design and Evaluation of the Department of Civil Engineering, at the University of Thessaly. She has joined CEE for fall semester 2018 and spring semester 2019 as an Alfred Yee Visiting Professor, when she will be teaching Urban and Regional Transportation Planning and Freight Transportation and Logistics. Her fields of research are transportation planning, transportation system design, intelligent transportation systems, behavioral modeling, intermodal transportation, logistics, multicriteria evaluation and optimization. In her recent research, she assessed the impact of smart solutions in transportation, studied systems interconnecting long and short distance transportation for passengers and freight, analyzed the effect of collaborative schemes and information distributed systems on urban and interurban networks, evaluated efficiency of urban public transportation interchanges on travelers and society and coordinated the development and implementation of an educational curriculum for sustainable transport interchanges. Nathanail’s accomplishments  can be found at her University of Thessaly faculty profile.


Dr. Gonzalo Corral joined the CEE Department in the Fall of 2018 to collaborate in geotechnical research and teach Geotechnical Engineering II (CEE 455) and Soil Behavior (CEE 696). His research interests are related to computational geotechnics, numerical modelling, constitutive models, soil behavior and earthquake geotechnical engineering. Dr. Corral received his PhD from MIT, his MSc from Universidad de Chile, and his structural engineering degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. He’s been a researcher and professor at different universities and a geotechnical consultant in national and international projects. Dr. Corral’s professorship is funded by the generous donation of Geolabs Hawaii to the UH Foundation. Dr. Corral’s official profile can be found here.


Professor David J. Lovell is joining CEE for two semesters starting in Fall 2017 as part of his sabbatical leave. In addition to getting time to focus into his research endeavors and have some fun in Hawaii, Dr. Lovell contributes substantially to CEE by covering CEE 305 on statistics and collaborating with transportation faculty on various research topics. Dr. Lovell’s accomplishments can be found at his University of Maryland Faculty profile.

Professor Mark Davidson, Head of the Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering at the University of Canterbury has joined CEE for two months in Fall 2017 in a collaboration with Dr. Sayed Bateni to convert a portion of CEE 320 course on fluid mechanics into a flipped-classroom course. Dr. Davidson’s accomplishments can be found at his University of Canterbury faculty profile.

Dr. Clay Naito, an expert in structures and Professor at Lehigh University, was the Alfred Yee Scholar for Spring 2017. He offered a graduate course on Blast Resistant Buildings and graduate seminars. Dr. Naito is a graduate of our department. Dr. Naito’s accomplishments can be found at his Lehigh University faculty profile.

Dr. David Mukai, an associate professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Wyoming, visited our department in fall semester 2016 for teaching and research. Prof. Mukai taught a large class of CEE 270: Statics. His research focuses on theoretical fracture mechanics, reinforced concrete, and structural rehabilitation and monitoring. Dr. Mukai is a graduate of our department. Dr. Mukai’s accomplishments can be found at his University of Wyoming faculty profile.

Dr. Gleb Panteleev, an oceanographer who specializes in data assimilation for ocean waves, and hydrology applications at the University of Alaska, was the Alfred Yee Scholar in Spring 2016. He offered the senior level course Variational Data Assimilation Theory and Applications, and graduate seminars. Dr. Panteleev’s research can be found at the International Arctic Research Center site.

Dr. Teruo Nakai, an emeritus professor of Civil Engineering at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, visited our department in spring semester 2015 for teaching and research. Prof. Nakai taught a graduate course on Soil Behavior and Modeling. His research focuses on laboratory testing and constitutive modeling of geomaterials and their applications to boundary value problems such as tunnels, braced excavations, etc.  Dr. Nakai also is a technical advisor of the Geo-Research Institute (GRI) and a visiting professor of Chubu University in Japan. His research can be found at his Nagoya Institute of Technology faculty profile.